Why Attend Water Lantern Festival?


Experience the therapeutic power of our festival, where the serene setting and the act of releasing lanterns provide a unique space for emotional healing and rejuvenation.


Create moments of introspection as you watch your lantern drift on the water, offering a chance for personal reflection and a deeper connection with yourself.


Forge lasting connections with family, friends and fellow attendees in a shared atmosphere of positivity, creating a sense of community that extends beyond the festival.


Celebrate love in all its forms, whether it's the love for family, friends, or self. Our festival provides a beautiful backdrop to express and cherish these bonds.

Celebrating the Present

Seize the moment and celebrate the beauty of life right now. Our festival encourages attendees to appreciate the present and find joy in the simple act of releasing a lantern.

Remembering the Past

Honor cherished memories by dedicating a lantern to loved ones. The festival becomes a meaningful way to remember and celebrate those who hold a special place in our hearts.

Planning for the Future

Use the festival as a catalyst for setting intentions and envisioning the future. It's a unique opportunity to embrace hope and positivity for what lies ahead.

Overcoming Personal Challenges

For many, attending the Water Lantern Festival symbolizes overcoming personal challenges and finding strength in the shared experience of hope and renewal.

Setting Goals

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of inspiration and motivation. The festival serves as a powerful backdrop for setting personal and collective goals.

Spreading Joy

Become a source of joy by joining in the collective act of releasing lanterns. Your participation contributes to a ripple effect of positivity, bringing joy to others.