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Water Lantern Festival Testimonials

"The Water Lantern Festival was the most awesome event I have every been to! The Love, the emotions, the spirituality that filled the air was so overwhelming. The experience was a turning point in my life which I have been 9 years looking for. Thank you Water Lantern Festival and I pray every day that you will return to Lake Havasu, Arizona in 2019."

Cindy Q.

"This event was so well organized I was very pleased. The atmosphere as well was just relaxing. We have been to lantern festivals before and this was by far the most organized , pleasant and relaxing one I have ever been to. Great selection of scenery as well. "

Alessia C.

"Everything was so pretty & beautiful. Would definitely go again next year. :-)"

Gracie W.

"One of the most healing and moving experiences of my life. I am a cancer survivor, 38 months in remission. 12 years ago this month I lost my stepson. My husband and I did not know really what to expect but the way the festival was run and the meditation was very healing to both my husband and myself. We look forward to being able to attend more of the Water Lantern Festival. Thank you for an incredible experience."

Name witheld

"This event was simple but beautiful. The staff and organization was very nice, we barely waited in line they moved it quickly. We had tons of fun and can't wait until next year! "

Mark S.

"It was such an incredible experience. I am so grateful i got to attend. When you see all the lanterns out on the water there is a moment where you feel your heart just fill with so much love it's indescribable, almost a spiritual experience."

Christy A.

"Wonderful atmosphere. It was a total bliss to see all the lanterns at Sunset. Loved watching the artwork the crowd had done on all their lanterns. The food trucks had some nice variety of food to try out. As an end note, great evening! Thank you guys!"

Aman H.

"This was my first Water Lantern Festival but it definitely won't be my last. What a great experience. I cannot wait to do it again!!!"

Cole T.

"A great experience, great course, so much fun! Will participate again and again."

Jessica R.

"What a wonderful, positive event! Strangers coming together as a"community" in a peaceful and positive way. We were encouraged to share stories and experiences and I felt the love and support throughout this "community" of people. The lanterns were a beautiful sight to see, lit up in the dark and floating in the water. What a wonderful experience!"

Name witheld

"We attended this event in Austin, TX. It was our first launch into the Water Lantern Festival and it was a HUGE success for our whole family. Not only did we have perfect weather, but the entire ambiance of the event is BEAUTIFUL. This is a warm, uplifting, soul-filling activity that is sure to leave you filled with joy and love - not only through the expression of your dreams, hopes, and wishes, but especially in reading others as they float serenely by. Austin did a GREAT job with music, food vendors, location with ample launch space and viewing, and the creating of your lantern is super easy that you don't need any hand holding. This event is awesome for dates, families, and friends. I'd love to do it again and again!"

Kaley D.

"What an inspiring moment when the floating lanterns drifted off. I was in awe of the beautiful moment."

Stacy N.

"I had amazing experience with the Water Lantern Festival. Our whole group had a great time and I know my children would love to do it again next year. Awesome Job! Can't wait to light the water again."

Erica A.

"Loved it! Want to do it again next year!!"

Taylor P.

"We had an amazing time. Everything was perfect. Thanks One World for bringing this incredible event to our area. I'm so glad I was able to enjoy the Water Lantern Festival and see for myself what it was like. Truly a magical night. "

Kristen L.

"Great family event. Thanks for the fabulous night."

Shelley A.

One World

Water Lantern Festival