Water Lantern Festival is committed to ensuring a sustainable event with zero impact to the environment.


We are committed to leaving each community cleaner than when we arrived. We go to great lengths to ensure a cleaner, more beautiful environment.

Our team cleans up all the lanterns following the event. In addition we we also pick up any existing trash that may have previously been in or around the water. Lastly, the lanterns are made from rice paper and wood so they are eco-friendly.

Our comimitment to sustainability includes our
pledge to clean up every lantern

Water Lantern Festival did an excellent job of cleaning up after the event. In fact, they gathered up more trash that had been accumulating around the venue for sometime. We'd definitely recommend their organization as they actually gathered more trash and left the area cleaner that it was before.

City Council Member

Water Lantern Festival is committed to producing sustainable events for all of our participants by cleaning up every lantern and following our "leave no trace" policy. .

» We clean up every lantern following the event.
» We clean up additional trash along the water ways to leave the area cleaner than we found it.


One World Water Lantern Festival